Saturday, 21 February 2009


Russian design studio Art Lebedev's Optimus Maximus is a keyboard that features mini OLED screens as individual keys. The keyboard allows the user to customize each key with different functions. For example, your TAB key can now have a second command function, such as bringing up an email page or executing photoshop shortcuts.

There are eleven additional 'hot' keys included on the left of the keyboard which can display the color icons of your favorite programs. For those who want more keys or don't want to commit to a completely new keyboard, there is the Optimus AUX attachment that features 15 keys, or the three-button Optimus Mini 3. With the increased popularity of applications for cell phones, desktop and social networking sites, customizable technology is making life more efficient.

*OLED technology is an adaptation of LED that is composed of organic materials that emit softer light as opposed to the harsher point-light of LED. The organic compounds are laid in rows and work well in a flat screen format.

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