Wednesday, 18 February 2009


Telekinesis is no longer something exclusively possible for superhumans, mutants or Jedis. Neurosky is a company based in Silicon Valley, California now making it possible for those without midi-chlorian count in their veins to move objects with their mind. They have created a headset prototype that uses wearable sensor technology to detect our body's bio-signals (such as brainwaves, eye movements, and heart rate) and interpret them into a language a computer or toy can understand. So in order to wield Neurosky, a basic human emotion will now have to be trained as a command rather than an involuntary emotional response. These signals assign triggers to lift, push or pull programmed physical objects as well as to control metaphysical movement in simulated computer gameplay. The company is focusing mainly on applying this new technology to the gaming industry, achieving a higher level of virtual reality where buttons and controls are no longer in the way of a complete fantasy experience.

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