Thursday, 16 April 2009

SCI FI DREAMS # 1 Heidi's dream

"So you and I were walking down by the trail behind my house
and there are all these potholes and they were glowing blue
and then there was this mallard duck and he was standing completely still with his head buried into his back
then i see it stick his head into one of the blue holes
and it starts quacking and panicking...

then all of a sudden we are in this house
and there are 2 scientists examining a
hot pink long-necked dinosaur with sharp teeth and no eyes
basically just a mouth with sharp teeth
it is laying on an operating table
and pretending to be friendly
and then it says to the two scientists,
"i really want some jello"
and then they start panicking because they're wondering how it knows about Jello!
and realizes that it had been watching us
and then everyone starts running away and we go hide in the closet,
where we know we are safe
the dinosaur is pacing outside and we didnt know how many more of them were in the house
and we were scared he was going to go in the vents and get us..

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